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CVMA Protocol

CVMA National By-laws

CVMA 15-5 By-laws

Application Process

Attending a monthly meeting is recommended for all potential members, you should have an opportunity to check us out before completing an application. You are also welcome to ride with us to ensure we are a good fit for you. Lastly, we suggest you browse our website to gain a better understanding of our lives as CVMA members.

Once you are comfortable with our mission in life and want to be a part of this great organization contact our Chapter Commander for an application. The Chapter Commander is Miner "Diablo" Lawrence and can be reached at


After completing the application and once it's been approved, make sure you have the required document(s) and have made arrangements to pay the application fee. 

Full Member Fee: $20.00

Auxiliary Member Fee: $20.00

Support Member Fee: $10.00

 Nov 19th, 2022, CVMA 15-5 rode in support of PVAC (Piedmont Veterans Assistance Council) to raise a Flag in honor of Pete & Vivian Meletis for their work in assisting veterans.

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